Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law encompasses a wide variety of issues important to senior citizens and their children. These issues include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, estate planning, medical assistance planning, and conservatorship and guardianship.

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Probate Resolution Attorneys

Probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate, resolving all claims, and distributing property under a will. Probate is an area of the law that demands a high degree of care.

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Estate Planning Attorneys

An estate plan lays out detailed instructions for the future for your estate. Your personal estate plan allows you to know what will happen to your minor children, your property, and your assets after you pass away.

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Guardianship Attorneys

A guardian is a person appointed by a court to serve as a substitute decision maker for a person who is found by a court to be incompetent. It is possible to avoid the necessity of a guardianship through estate planning.

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Welcome To Your Family Guardian Law Firm

The Offices of Your Family Guardian Law FirmThe Minneapolis, Minnesota firm Your Family Guardian Law Firm is your trusted legal advisor who can help you make the best personal and legal decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. The lawyers of Your Family Guardian Law Firm Law firm will be there to guide your loved ones when you can’t.

In years past, the family lawyer was the person trusted and relied upon for guidance through life’s ups and downs. The family lawyer was proactive about changes in the law and the clients’ assets. Furthermore, the family lawyer maintained a relationship with his or her clients. In recent years, this personal relationship between lawyer and client has declined.

Consider this experience – you meet with your lawyer who prepares the documents you need to protect yourself and your family. You take your planning binder home, knowing that you can cross off estate planning on your checklist and knowing that your lawyer will contact you regularly to ensure that your estate planning documents continue to meet your family’s changing needs. You also know that if you call your lawyer with a question you won’t automatically get a bill in the mail. Several years later, when you refinance your house or sell it and buy a new one, you know that you can call your lawyer to make sure it is included in your will or your trust. As your children grow up and your guardianship choices become outdated you are free to call your lawyer because you know that you won’t be billed for the call.

What is the philosophy of Your Family Guardian Law Firm? We consider it an honor to protect and care for your family as we would our own. Your Family Guardian Law Firm was established to assist with the needs of families and the elderly and to protect their legal rights. The firm provides quality legal representation in a wide range of areas relevant to families and the elderly.

You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your family and that your plan will assist your loved ones when they need it most. You want to make sure your children will be taken care of and will be prepared to receive your assets if anything happens to you.

How can we help your family if you are unable to? If you become incapacitated or die–your family will contact Your Family Guardian Law Firm and be assisted in collecting assets, notifying heirs and managing the estate. Your family will never be at a loss. They will know where to turn and what to do.

Your Family Guardian Law Firm Helps you Prepare for Life. Our lawyers are different because we keep the needs of growing families in mind. We understand you are BUSY, your family is growing, you are planning for a life of prosperity.

We are recognized as a skilled estate planning and administrative law firm providing services in Hennepin County, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Golden Valley, Plymouth, New Hope, St. Louis Park, and Bloomington, Minnesota.