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Many people put off managing their personal and financial affairs, thinking they will have plenty of time to make arrangements before these documents will be needed. But one never knows when a crisis may occur that will require decisions about our health care, finances, or other needs.

The truth is, at some point, you may have to make financial or health care decisions for your loved ones, or they may need to make them for you if you become incapacitated. It isn’t something any of us like to think about, yet these decisions are important and can help speed decision-making, avoid unnecessary legal interventions, and enable some degree of decision-making to be made ahead of time, before a crisis occurs. In thinking about aging parents, it’s especially important to plan ahead for potential legal matters so that you can step in and assist if needed.

Planning now will very likely yield the best results down the road; money saved, less confusion after your death, your property distributed as you want it to be, and you and your family better protected and prepared.

No matter who you are or what your situation, you probably have many questions, and don’t know where to turn. We can help you make those difficult decisions by exploring the pros and cons of various options to find what’s best for your situation, and help craft a plan that works for you.

We can assist in explaining the pro’s & cons of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other legal matters.

Your Family Guardian Law Firm areas of practice:

Together, we can provide you with the information you need to understand and use the laws that affect not only your will or trust, but also planning for disability, and even planning for end-of-life health care decisions. Our goal is to spot problems when they are easiest to handle, before a crisis.

Your Family Guardian Law Firm is a Minnesota law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality estate planning guidance and representation to our clients. Whether you need a long-term estate plan that provides for your family, need to reduce estate taxes, require immediate probate assistance or wish to contest a will, our attorneys are ready to assist you. We understand that protecting your family is an important and emotional task and we make the process as straight-forward and uncomplicated as possible.

Over the last two decades, our attorneys have provided high quality legal service and are known for their ability to litigate will and probate contests and for the outstanding Minnesota estate planning services we provide. Kathy Tatone is known for her litigation skills.

The keys to our success are hard work, dedication and outstanding client service. We try to accommodate clients by offering extended office hours and meeting you in your home or office if necessary.  Your Family Guardian Law Firm has offices in Hennepin County and represents clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. Contact us at 612-604-5146.