Minnesota Elder Law

Elder Law encompasses a wide variety of issues important to senior citizens and their families and their unique needs.  These issues include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, estate planning, medical assistance planning, conservatorship and guardianship.

Elder Law requires a broad understanding of aging and the law, and the legal interaction between all varied issues which may affect the elderly. For example, an elder law attorney will ask how the client’s estate plan compliments his or her long-term care plan.

Elder Law is the integration of the legal system with social and medical concerns for the benefit of the client.  An Elder Law attorney is familiar with Federal laws and Minnesota laws which may affect an individual’s well being and personal wishes.

Quite often a client initially visits a Minnesota Elder Law attorney for the purpose of discussing a simple will. During the consultation, the client and attorney may discover more issues to consider.

For Example:

  • What happens to the clients home and assets if he/she becomes incapacitated?
  • Should probate avoidance be a goal?
  • Who will look after an adult’s special-needs child?
  • What arrangements can be made for a well spouse if the other spouse needs long-term care?

Each of these events raises legal challenges that require the best possible information.  Without the right information, your family is at risk from what you don’t know.

When discussing specific situations with an Elder Law attorney, the attorney listens carefully to the facts. The problems you face may appear to be difficult and frustrating, often overwhelming. While the attorney is listening, he/she will identify the legal issues which need to be addressed. The attorney can prioritize the issues and discuss possible solutions and recommendations.

Elder Law encompasses all aspects of planning, counseling, education, and advocating for clients. Clients often ask family members to be included in follow-up discussions with the attorney or in the integration of necessary services.

Should the need arise, the attorney will associate with other experts in the fields of elder advocacy, such as nursing home injury, abuse or neglect, complex tax situations and family law matters.  Above all, an elder lawyer’s focus and responsibility is always to the “elder” client and finding appropriate ways to enhance and protect his or her quality of life through proper planning.

Your Family Guardian Law Firm can personalize an estate plan best suited to your specific needs and desires.  You need to make three important decisions:

  • The first decision involves a will.  A will allows you to decide who will receive your property upon death and to nominate guardians for minor children.
  • The second decision is to designate someone to take action upon your behalf with regard to financial decisions if you are unable to make decisions, this document is called a Power of Attorney.
  • Finally, a health care directive will enable you to nominate someone to make medical decisions if your loved one is no longer competent to designate an agent for health care or finances.   A conservatorship or guardianship may be necessary if one of your family members cannot make personal and financial decisions.

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