Minnesota Estate Planning Law

A will is a basic component of estate planning.  If a person does not have a will or has not adequately planned for the distribution of his or her estate at death, survivors can face a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process.

Your will and estate plan allows you to plan what will happen to your minor children, your property and assets, and your remains after you die. After death, your personal representative or trustee follows the directions you gave in the will or estate plan, and makes sure that your assets are distributed the way you planned.  A Minnesota estate planning attorney will ensure that your will or trust outlines your wishes.

The lawyers of Your Family Guardian Law Firm is skilled in estate planning, drafting wills and trusts as well as probate administration for clients in Minnesota.  If you have been named personal representative or executor of a will or estate in the state of Minnesota, you will need an estate planning lawyer to assist you.

An estate plan lays out detailed instructions for the future for your estate.  If you die without a will, the law views your property as “intestate”. With no will to guide the judge, he or she will name an administrator to handle your affairs, and your property will be divided according to statute, not necessarily, as you may have wished.

Many people believe that estate planning is for those who are reaching the end of their life or only after death. This cannot be further from the truth.  Every adult needs an estate plan.  However, the difficulty we face in thinking about our own deaths causes many people to procrastinate about this decision.  In fact, less than half of all Americans have wills.  It’s ironic that we spend so much time working to earn money to support our families and yet most of us fail to plan for our family’s well being after our deaths.  An estate plan allows you to designate a guardian for your minor children, give money to charity, or property to family members and to prevent disputes among family members.

Most people need a simple will, however, people with larger estates may need a trust.  A trust allows you to avoid probate, while providing more flexibility in the transfer of property to your beneficiaries. Trusts also allow you to minimize estate taxes. Our Minnesota estate planning attorneys can advise you whether a will or a trust will better suit your needs.

The benefits of planning your estate now in money saved and peace of mind preserved, make getting started on a plan one of the best ways to care for your loved ones and making sure your hard-earned property will be protected and distributed as you wish.  Estate planning puts you in charge!

The decisions you make now will affect how smoothly and successfully things go in the event of your death. We look at the process of settling an estate (probate in most cases) and discuss considerations to keep in mind so that you can pick the best person to be your executor or trustee. We also look at the final arrangements you can make to lessen your family’s grief and spare them as many difficult decisions as possible.  Once again, it’s an example of how estate planning is, in fact, your final gift to those you love. Get it done now, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’ve taken care of them.

We tailor estate plans to your individual needs that allow for flexibility in estate management during your lifetime and after death. We strive to avoid the eventual expense and delay of probate if possible and advisable for your estate.  Our services assist you with powers of attorney, health care directives, deeds, wills, trusts, and more.

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